CIS Tax Return

CIS Tax Return

When you’re registered with the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), you’re still responsible for paying the correct tax and National Insurance for your business, even if deductions have been made by contractors throughout the year.

We can help you to prepare your CIS Tax Return on your behalf. The advantage of working with Norton Bridges is that we work for a fixed fee.

What You Need

In order for us to prepare your CIS Tax Return for the any tax year, we need to have details of your work engagements between 6th April and the 5th April for that tax year.

  • Copies of any correspondence received from HM Revenue & Customs.
  • A note of the date you commenced self-employment and whether you have completed a Tax Return in the past.
  • Details of your income whether self-employed / umbrella or employed (P60 / P11d / P45, payslips, sales invoices, Monthly CIS Deduction Statements, remittance advice etc).
  • If possible, copies of your bank statements for the year(s) in question in order to cross reference your income details and obtain any expenses.
  • Details of any expenditure incurred from your self-employment (motor expenses i.e. petrol, parking, insurance, repairs, road tax etc, travel expenses (train/bus etc), telephone (inc. mobile), equipment/consumables, materials/tools/hire, protective clothing, public liability insurance, training costs etc). If you have not kept the invoices/receipts in respect of these, please just make a note of the costs incurred and we will provide you with an estimated expenses form.
  • Details of any benefits received in the form a P45 or P60 from the Job Centre or a letter from them confirming your taxable benefits received in the year.

What’s Next?

If you would like Norton Bridges – CIS Accountants to help file your CIS Tax Return or have any other questions, fill out the contact form below.