Information Regarding The Support Available For The Self-Employed

Contribution-based Employment and support allowance (ESA)

  • Can apply if directly affected by coronavirus or self-isolating
  • Have to have paid enough NI contributions in last two to three years
  • You can get up to £73 a week – This wont be affected by savings or income
  • Only way affected is if have private pension worth more than £85 per week
  • Can claim from first day of sickness/self-isolation
  • Payments are made fortnightly in arrears
  • People who meet criteria should receive payment after two weeks

To apply – print of NSESAF1 form, contact jobcentre plus: 0800 169 0350

Universal Credit

This helps with living costs – paid monthly. You cannot apply if you have £16,000 savings

The standard monthly allowances are:

  • If you’re single and under 25: £251.77
  • If you’re single and over 25: £317.82
  • If you’re in a couple and both under 25: £395.20 (for both)
  • If you’re in a couple and either of you is over 25: £498.89 (for both)

The self-employed can now access universal rate at £94.25 Per Week (equivalent to statutory sick pay) The government is increasing the standard universal credit allowance by £1,000 over the next 12 months

The biggest change to universal credits is the housing payment within the universal credit. This could work for private renters, interest on mortgages and various other housing payments. This has been increased substantially

To apply :
Universal Credit Helpline: 0800 328 5644

If you already claim benefits

If you are off work due to coronavirus you may be entitled to more money due to loss of earnings according to citizens advice


The next set of self-assessment tax payments are delayed to January 2021

If you can not pay your tax

  • You can apply for time to pay arrangement
  • This means arrange with HMRC a payment plan
  • No late payment penalties and interest due to administrative issues due to coronavirus

HMRC helpline – 0800 0159 559


If you need any assistance, please fill out the contact form below and we will be more than happy to help you through the process.